Whether you are looking at booking your first ever cruise holiday or just need some inspiration for booking your next one, we are here to get you started. There are so many reasons to book a cruise holiday but here are our favourite ten…

1.Value For Money

Cruises provide some of the best value for money holidays that are out there. Cruise liners – much like airlines – are always in competition to give you the very best deal. Although cruise holidays tend to be more expensive than alternatives, this is because you get a whole lot more in return.

2.Exotic Locations

Ever wanted to visit the Caribbean but didn’t want to make the long journey for just one island? A cruise holiday provides the unique opportunity to island-hop and discover a range of exotic locations with ease. All of this without the hassle of booking multiple destinations yourself.

3.Non-Stop Mini City Breaks

A cruise holiday is like a city break holiday but on steroids. It is not uncommon to visit 7 different cities on a 10-day cruise for example. Usually you get to spend full days there, soaking up the culture and seeing all the best sights before jumping back on board in the evening.


Cruise holidays are very family-friendly, no matter what size cruise or company you choose. All cruise ships have some sort of kid-friendly entertainment whether that be a soft play, a kids club or something similar. On the larger ships, there are often water parks, cinemas and much more to keep the young ones entertained.

5.The Evening/Nightlife

The evening/nightlife on cruises is the biggest attraction to some people and is the main reason they book up again and again. All cruise ships have a number of bars, restaurants and usually a few nightclubs too. Nothing beats getting a cold drink in your hand after a full day exploring a new city as you sail back off into the sunset.

6.Easy to Plan

Cruise holidays are by far some of the easiest types of holidays to plan. Before you go, you know exactly what destinations you will be reaching on what days, how long you will have and what time you will be leaving port again. With a schedule like this, it makes it much easier to plan what you want to do and see in each destination.

7.Only Unpack Once!

The beauty of a cruise holiday is that although you are visiting a number of destinations, you only have to unpack once in your cabin! There is no carrying heavy luggage from place to place and packing up every time you leave. All of your belongings are kept in your cabin and are only unpacked and packed once.

8.A City on the Water

Many cruise ships, particularly the large ones, are quite literally cities on the water. As well as the aforementioned water parks, bars and restaurants, there are also plenty of coffee shops, takeaways, convenience stores, pharmacies, gadget shops and everything else you could need on board!

9.Find the Perfect Cruise For You

With so many choices of cruises out there, you will be able to find the exact cruise for you. If you are looking for something more budget-friendly or more lavish, something with standard facilities or the full city-ship experiences, or if you prefer taking your time in cities versus doing one-per-day, there is something out there for you!

10.Discover New Parts of the World

Perhaps the best aspect of a cruise holiday is that you get to discover completely new parts of the world that you wouldn’t otherwise get a chance to. Whether it’s island hopping the Caribbean or passing through the Norwegian Fjords, a cruise holiday can take you where other holidays can’t.