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Holiday Discount Centre Updates


Travel News: The Real Heart Break Hotel

Does professional tea tasting sound like your dream job? Read on to find out how this could become a reality!


Holiday Discount Centre Charity Events 2014

See which events we sponsored for local charities earlier this year


Orlando Competition: The Winning Family’s Review

Competition winner Gill had a great time in Orlando. Read about how her holiday went here


Disneyland Paris Competition: Winning Family’s Magical Moments

Winner Roley Martin just got back from Disneyland Paris with his family, and here's what he had to say


Turn Back Time: Our Vintage Holiday Photos

We've been digging through our old holiday photos, here's what our team found


Christmas Jumpers at the Ready…

The HDC team have donned their Christmas jumpers for a festive send-off

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Top Most Searched Holiday Destinations of 2013

Forget "twerking" and "Royal Baby" - these are the most important searches happening on the HDC site


Travel News: Where’s the Strangest Place You’ve Seen a Map?

From Sharapova's sweet tooth to Britain's worst building blunders, we take a look at this week's top travel stories


A Fisherman’s Tale: A Short Animation by Holiday Discount Centre

Here's a little animation we put together to give you an idea of what we do


Travel News: Where Can you Get Fined for Wearing a Bikini?

Canada’s winning in the reputation stakes, Italy’s been struggling to improve its image, and Londoners have been feasting on burgers

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