Over the course of our Travel Wardrobe Challenge series, we’ve shown you alternative uses for a wide selection of holiday items, all in the name of getting you more for your money.

To finish, today we take on the Holy Grail of travel wardrobe items. The big one. The suitcase. And instead of showing you uses for it, this month we challenged ourselves to come up with the best suitcase-related puns we could think of, and act them out.


1. Cold Case

Cold Case

2. Pillow case

Pillow Case

3. On the case

On the case

4. Head case

Head Case

5. Just in case

Just in case

We hope that you’ve found our suggestions useful, and that your home and office have benefited from using your inflatable rubber ring as a portable pillow, or your¬†flip flop as a fly swat.

Got an item you want us to find more uses for? Let us know in the comments, or send us a tweet @holiday_centre.