It’s that time of the week again when we give you a rundown of some of the must-read travel news stories from the past seven days.

From the sleepiest of passengers to a real-life Christmas miracle, read on to get your Friday travel fix.

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As we learnt last week, people love checking-in on Facebook during their holidays. But which places around the world are the most visited? The popular social networking site has announced 2013’s top 25 destinations with places such as Barcelona’s Las Ramblas, Iceland’s Blue Lagoon and Melbourne Cricket Ground making the list. Disney was featured four times with eager customers checking-in to parks in California, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Paris. The most checked-in venue in the UK? London’s O2 Arena.

O2 Arena by fsse8info via Flickr

Snooze Control

Many of us like to catch a few winks on a plane, but this week, one American man’s nap turned into a bit of a nightmare. After falling asleep on a Houston-bound flight from Lafayette, upon arrival, staff overlooked the heavy sleeper and left him all alone on the plane. It wasn’t until the drowsy passenger awoke half an hour later that he was escorted from the aircraft – after calling his girlfriend who alerted staff to his whereabouts. We think he should maybe set his alarm next time…

Sleeping on Plane by BVStarr via Flickr

Suite Snatching

Remember that Friends episode where Ross and Chandler steal some stuff from their hotel room? Well it seems as though they’re not the only ones who take a few things when on holiday. A recent TripAdvisor poll found that 70 per cent of British travellers admit to filling their bags with a few hotel freebies. While stationery and toiletries are the most common items to be pocketed, some travellers have admitted to taking light bulbs, towels and even the batteries from the TV remote control. That’s taking ‘make yourself at home’ a little too far!

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Santa Claus is Coming to Canada

We all love a miracle at Christmas, and passengers on a flight with Calgary-based airline WestJet certainly got one last week. The carrier set up electronic boxes at two Canadian airports and encouraged passengers to tell Santa what they’d like most for Christmas. Once they’d landed, travellers got the surprise of their lives when the baggage claim carousel was filled with various goodies from their wish lists including everything from flat screen TVs to socks and underwear. Aww!

Top of the Spots

A recent poll has revealed the most popular UK attraction amongst tourists – with 15 out of 19 countries choosing Buckingham Palace as the country’s ultimate must-see. Getting a birds eye view of London from either The Shard or the London Eye was another common activity, as well as a trip to Edinburgh Castle, shopping along Oxford Street and watching a Premier League football match. Now that’s some serious sightseeing.
Buckingham Palace by Jimmy Harris via Flickr

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