Every month or so, we like to tackle one of the biggest travel-related debates around. This month we’re comparing family holidays with adult-only getaways.

Do you like to holiday with as many of the family as possible, or do you prefer to get away from it all with just your other half for company?

Which type of person are you?

Why choose a family holiday?

1. A great way to catch up

Quite often families live on different sides of the country or only meet up once or twice a year, so a holiday together is the perfect chance to enjoy a bit of bonding. So whether you’re with parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles or children, they’ll always be someone to have a good old chinwag with.

2. Always someone to look after the kids

Going on holiday with children can sometimes be hard work. From keeping them entertained on the flight to making sure they’re safe when playing on the beach, parents often find themselves stressing out about the kids rather than enjoying their break. Having a few extra adults with you can share the load of looking after the little ones, and they’ll no doubt love spending some extra time with them too.

3. Make some great memories

Family holidays are often talked about for many years, so it’s a great way to share some fun experiences with the relatives. Those precious holiday snaps will be in a photo album or all over Facebook before you know it and the trip will surely be a talking point at future family gatherings – but that’s all part of the fun isn’t it?

4. Discover something new

Travelling in a group and spending time with other people allows you to learn new things and opens your mind to new ideas. Different age groups have different opinions and ways of doing things, and although you might feel out of your comfort zone at times, it’s a great way to broaden your horizons. Rather than sticking to what you know, you might be introduced to a particular type of food for the first time or some music you’ve never heard before.

Building sandcastles by Julie Corsi via Flickr

Why choose an adult-only holiday?

1. A break from the family

Our families are great, but on some occasions we all need a bit of a break. An adult-only holiday allows you to get away from it all and leave any family problems behind for a week or two. It also means you’re able to meet new people rather than just staying with your family for the duration of your trip.

2. Visit new places

Travelling with children or elderly relatives can sometimes restrict the number of places you’re able to visit. Places that involve long walks or take a bit of time to get to can be unsuitable in a big group so a trip with just the other half gives you much more freedom. Take a train ride to an area you’ve always wanted to visit or explore a nearby town – the possibilities are endless.

3. Peace and quiet

If you haven’t got kids, there are few things more annoying on holiday than trying to relax on the beach or by the pool, only to be disturbed by a group of excitable children. An adult-only break means you’ll be able to enjoy total relaxation without any interruptions.

4. Flexibility to do what you want to do

Going on holiday with the family means you might have to compromise on what you actually do whilst you’re there, but an adult-only break allows you to do exactly what you and your partner would like to do most. That means eating when and where you want to, going to a late night bar or choosing fun activities during the day, without having to follow someone else’s itinerary.

Couple on beach by www.margaretriver.com via Flickr

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