Here at Holiday Discount Centre, we felt as though there has never been a more appropriate time to talk about Instagram. Yesterday, the hugely popular social media channel turned 5! Five whole years since people began uploading their photos for the world to see – filtered, cropped and captioned of course.

In the lead up to this anniversary, we thought it was about time we returned to Instagram and started regularly documenting our own images – because there’s no travel inspiration better than beautiful and enviable photographs! Follow us to keep up to date with the best destinations and most luxurious spots to head off to with your camera in tow.

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If you’re preparing to head off to warmer climates, (or even to colder ones!), you’re going to want your Instagram feed to inject jealousy to all your nearest and dearest. Isn’t that the whole point? So we thought we’d give you our top tips for creating the perfect insta-holiday!

Choosing the Perfect Filter

Research has shown that filtered photos are 21% more likely to be noticed and 45% more likely to receive comments. If you weren’t filtering before, now’s the time to step up your game! To start simple, warm tones are going to make your photo more appealing to people scrolling down their feed – adding red, pink or yellow tones are seen to increase overall feelings of cheerfulness and let’s be honest, that’s exactly the vibe you’re going for when sharing your fun, holiday photos with everyone! Perhaps burn out the centre of your image slightly to ‘age’ the picture – this has a particularly good effect on sunsets.

If wandering through city streets or capturing the great spread of food and drink at dinnertime, think bright and white. The clean, white look of any image makes the details stand out and gives it a luxurious feel. You’ll see a lot of white on any travel blogger’s Instagram feed and it definitely spells out destination wish list!

Insta - white food

Image by tuulavintage

The Solo Shot

The most sought after image and perhaps trickiest to achieve, is the solo shot with a view. Different to the selfie, the aim is to get a photo of yourself against a beautiful landscape, whilst making it look as though you’re alone. Everyone is well aware that there is someone standing behind the camera setting up the photo, but that doesn’t make it any less popular! The trick? Position yourself against a great backdrop and look off into the distance…seriously. Most seen on Instagram is probably the sunset shot, but don’t feel as though you have to wait for that perfect moment, any great backdrop will do! Filter accordingly before posting, obviously.

Insta - sol

Image by thetravellinglight

 The Perfect Crop

Probably one of the most underrated facts – Instagram images don’t have to be square. While it’s much easier to let the platform choose where to crop your image and produce a 4×4 version of the original, there are plenty of apps which let you post horizontal or vertical images. For certain angles, landscapes and captured moments, the square just doesn’t cut it. Try the Afterlight app and change the shape of your next Instagram!


Image by thetravellinglight

And finally…

Don’t Underestimate the Power of the Sea

This doesn’t take much explanation. Simply put, there is something about the clear blue water that makes everyone at home want to stand up and head to the airport. Post a great picture and you’ll have everyone asking you where you went on holiday. There’s power in that water!


Image by lepostcard

If you’ve got the Insta-bug, take a look at our post from the beginning of the year, recommending some of the best travel Instagram accounts to follow! Warning: your destination wish-list will immediately double in size.

We understand that this post may have pushed you a little over the edge when it comes to holiday cravings. Don’t panic! Browse through some of our best deals and tick off one of those destinations on the list – remember, it’s never too late in the year for a holiday.

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Header image by Juan Fco. Marrero via Flickr