If you’re taking the little ones on holiday this year, you won’t need us telling you how much there is to organise before you set off.

Whether you’ve done it before, or it’s your first trip away with kids, we’re here to save you some time and money by listing the cheap travel essentials (and some extras) that’ll make your holiday run smoothly.

From what to pack to where to get them, read on for our handy holiday suggestions*…

(* subject to the child’s age)

Maisy with an etch a sketch

For the Plane

Aside from extra nappies for babies and toddlers, you won’t want to leave these items out of your hand luggage.

  1. Ear defenders (eBay)
  2. Natural sweets to suck on during take-off and landing (Health food shop)
  3. Snacks i.e. raisins and bite size rice cakes (Supermarket)
  4. Juice pouches / milk (Supermarket)
  5. Colouring books, sticker books, hand held puzzles, Guitar Etch-a-Sketch optional (Pound shop)

flickr via goingslo - girl in sundress

For the Beach / Pool


To ensure you get maximum relaxation time in the sun, it’s essential to pack things that will keep your children busy. If you’re worried about going over the baggage weight limit, you can always buy your beach gear when you get there (or at the airport) – however buying beforehand will not only save you some time, but supermarkets and pound shops have plenty on offer during the summer season to save your wallet too.

  1. Inflatable animals to play with in the water (Pound shop)
  2. Inflatable floating devices i.e. arm bands/baby swim ring (Pound shop)
  3. Beach tent to keep out of the sun (Tesco)
  4. Sand moulds, bucket and spade, watering can (Pound shop)
  5. Factor 50+ Sun tan cream (Boots/supermarket)

sand castle via flickr by Steve 2.0


  1. Flip flops (Asda)
  2. Swim nappies for babies (Boots or Mothercare)
  3. Sun hat (with elastic band for babies) or cap (Zara Kids)
  4. Swimming costume / shorts (H&M)
  5. Beach towel (Primark)

Beach and poolwear for kids

Day Clothing

  1. Lightweight pyjamas, underwear and socks (M&S)
  2. Jelly sandals (M&S) and canvas shoes / trainers (Mothercare)
  3. T-shirts and shorts (Asda/Tesco/H&M)
  4. Sundress for girls / cool cotton shirt and chino shorts for boys (M&S)
  5. Playsuits for babies – long and short sleeved – (H&M)

For games and wordsearches to keep them busy on the plane, visit our Downloads section.

Got any additional travel tips for holidaying with the kids? Let us know in the comment box.

Images: Thanks to Lydia and Maisie for the holiday snaps, and foilmangoingslo, Steve Johnson via Flickr