If you’re a big Disney fan (or just like a good holiday) here are a couple of things you need to know about October:

Firstly, our Magical Moments competition to win a stay at the Disneyland Paris Hotel closes on Thursday 31st October. So if you haven’t already shared your holiday photo with us, then head over to our Facebook page now for a chance to win.

Secondly, this month marks the 90th anniversary of the Walt Disney Company. We advise you to celebrate by wearing a pair of Mickey Mouse ears to work tomorrow.

And if you’ve done all that, then here are some little known facts about Disneyland Paris.

Did you know…?


1. Most of the Disney characters in the park are played by women

This is due to height requirements and includes the male characters, from Mickey Mouse to Donald Duck (don’t tell the kids).

peter pan's flight via flickr by loren javier

2. Peter Pan’s Flight is the venue’s top attraction

Due to its popularity, a tent has been assembled outside to shelter guests from either the rain or the sun while they queue.

eurodisney via flickr by sean macentee

3. Pirates of the Caribbean attracts 6.5 million visitors a year

Plus, the Paris ride is double the size of those at other Disney resorts around the world.

disneyland paris via flickr by sean macentee

4. The Fantasyland soundtracks were originally recorded in English

The theme tunes, which play upon entry to many of the rides, were re-recorded en Français after complaints from French customers.

mickey mouse by bev goodwin

5. Disneyland Paris is the most visited tourist attraction in Europe and France

The park welcomes an estimated 12.7 million guests through its doors each year, beating both the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower.

main street usa via flickr by sean macentee

6. The park was called “Euro Disney” when it first opened in 1992

The name was later changed to Disneyland Paris to widen its appeal, as in some countries, the word “Euro” reminded people of less fun things like business and commerce.

goofy disney

7.  There are 55,643 employees at Disneyland Paris

What’s more, the Park can hold up to 70,000 people at a time. That’s a lot of people and characters.

pirates of the caribbean via flickr by wrayckage

8. The Pirates of the Caribbean rides came before the films

But the Paris version is the only ride to not include any of the films’ characters.

it's a smallworld via flickr by sam howzit

9.  ‘It’s A Small World’ is one of the most popular kids rides

The ride at Disneyland Paris is also the only one to have a scene dedicated to the USA.

space mountain via flickr by loren javier

10. Space Mountain (or ‘De la Terre a la Lune’) was originally named Discovery Mountain

If you look carefully, you’ll find that the cars are engraved with the letters ‘DM’ instead of ‘SM’.

Of course, you’ll find out all these things for yourself if you win – remember, our competition ends on 31st October.

Now, where are my Mickey Mouse ears?

Images: Bev Goodwinwrayckage, RichardStep.com, Sam Lavi